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Dental Bridges in Budd Lake

You can lose teeth in many different ways, including dental work, or through accidents and other mishaps. In the past, the loss of a tooth was simply something most people had to learn to accept. Today, there are many alternatives to ensure that a missing tooth doesn’t have to become an embarrassment. One dental care technique called a Dental Bridge is a unique solution to the problem.

A dental bridge is designed to address a particular kind of missing tooth problem for patients in Budd Lake. If there is a “space” in your mouth where you have a tooth, followed by a missing tooth and then another tooth, a dental bridge is a perfect solution. It is important not just for the sake of appearances, but even for your overall dental health that such a sizable gap is not allowed to persist.

Missing a tooth in a row of teeth can interfere with both your ability to speak and eat. Without an equal amount of pressure from all sides, the teeth where a gap is present may eventually become crooked with nothing to hold them securely in place. The unequal distribution of forces in your mouth when you eat, speak and bite down can also affect your other teeth and even, potentially the shape of your face and lips.


Where the dental bridge comes in is by filling this gap between the teeth. If you decide to have a dental bridge installed, then a dentist will smooth out the teeth adjacent to the empty space. He will flatten them and turn them into a base or “crown,” that is ready to receive the dental bridge.

The dental bridge itself will look like a complete row of three teeth. But only the middle tooth is “complete” from top to bottom, designed to fill out the space in your mouth. The other two teeth have been personalized to your mouth to fit the crown that the dentist made. They will have a snug, tight fit that will be just as secure as your normal teeth.


There is a variety of different dental bridge techniques designed to address different needs. The traditional dental bridge in Budd Lake works as described above, and is usually intended for teeth on the side. For front teeth, the Maryland bonded dental bridge is the recommended technique. If there’s only room for one crown or anchor, a cantilever dental bridge may be used if space is at a premium.

Dental bridges are made in a variety of materials including porcelain, gold, and other alloys. They can be colored to match the color of your own teeth as closely as possible. Once affixed, they generally don’t require any more extra care of your mouth than normal brushing or flossing that is a part of good dental hygiene.

If you have a problem with a missing tooth, it’s certainly not something that you have to live with forever. A dental bridge is an effective, permanent option that can take care of the problem once and for all. Talk to our team at Gentle Family Dentistry today for more information.