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Budd Lake Mouth Guards

Our patients in Budd Lake commonly ask us about mouth guards. Protecting your teeth is important. After all, once baby teeth fall out, and the permanent set of teeth have grown in, you’re expected to use them for the rest of your life. But even with good oral and dental care, infected teeth and gums aren’t the only risks to your mouth.

Physical mishaps are always a danger to teeth. Accidents happen, people trip or fall, but when it comes to sports, this danger to teeth rises exponentially. Falls, collisions and many other mishaps during sports all have the potential to chip, damage or even knock teeth out.

But avoiding sports in Budd Lake can’t be the only answer to ensuring the safety of your teeth. And it isn’t. While sports may increase the risk of an injury to your mouth, there are certain things you can do to protect your teeth. One of these things is the use of a mouth guard.


A mouth guard is a custom appliance that is designed to protect teeth and absorb physical shock. Many people are probably familiar with seeing mouth guards used in boxing. Increasingly, contact sports aside from boxing are also embracing the protective advantages of this piece of sports equipment.

Karate and many other martial arts, football and hockey, are all sporting activities in which people regularly come into contact at high speeds and force. Mouth guards, which are usually worn on the upper set of teeth, provide a strong layer of protection.


Even for non-contact sports like baseball and basketball, a mouth guard is a sensible addition to sporting equipment. Mishaps on the field can be so hard to predict when everyone is moving, and a ball is in play. This is especially true when it comes to people who may still be wearing braces. Braces are an expensive dental application that shouldn’t be damaged. Moreover, braces themselves are made of metal and, with the wrong kind of force applied, can tear skin and gums in an accident.

By going to a dentist and asking for a mouth guard, you can have a custom guard made from the precise measurements of your mouth. This ensures both maximum comfort and maximum protection since it will fit your mouth snugly and precisely.

If you participate in sports, you already know that a game can be unpredictable. Don’t take the chance of significant and expensive damage to your mouth. Get a mouth guard made for yourself and give it your all in the game without worrying about damaging your gums or your teeth.  Call our team at Gentle Family Dentistry today.